Sr.Pipeline TD

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited Pipeline Department

04 Jun 2024

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited

Pipeline Department


Duties & Responsibilities:

-Develop pipeline and asset management tools to meet immediate, show-directed production demands, ensuring facility-wide consistency as directed by the show and technical supervisors.
-Help maintain a wide array of existing workflows and scripts.
-This role requires strong communication, organizational skills, and critical problem solving all while designing robust code and tools,displaying extensive experience and knowledge of 3D & 2D DCC applications and their related APIs, and maintaining and adhering to the expectations and decisions of the Studio.
-Assists in the planning, design, and implementation of a standardized pipeline for visual effects production for television, commercials, and film. As well as take part in longer-term strategic planning of the global pipeline tools for the studio.
-Collaborate with the Show/Department TDs, Pipeline TDs, and Pipeline Developers to troubleshoot problems and implement solutions that are directly related to the Studio.
-Works with the Supervisors and Leads to ensure that the project pipeline meets the needs of the Studio.
Communicates with IT, Producers, and Supervision to ensure adequate support coverage to meet the demands of all active and future projects.
-Acts as a point of contact for Supervisors and Production Management to resolve pipeline and workflow issues that are affecting artists and shows.
-Delegate and prioritize pipeline tickets for the Studio Pipeline team to adhere to the needs and expectations of Production Management, Supervision, and the Creative Head.
-Mentor, educate and enrich the Studio’s Show/Department TDs, Pipeline TDs, and Pipeline Developers by informing them and demonstrating proper technical standards, efficient and effective code development as well as constructive code feedback.
-Architects technical solutions which are sustainable, robust, flexible, and work without constant interventions of pipeline personnel.


-A creative thinker and innovator: able to devise and employ clever solutions to difficult problems
Strong understanding of VFX post-production processes for film and television.
-Proficient with one or more software APIs: Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Deadline, Katana, Mari, Tractor, and Shotgun.
-Experience with design and development of Asset Management Systems (all or few components).
-Collaborate with department stakeholders to augment their workflows and toolsets to achieve specific goals of the project.
-Demonstrate ability to collaborate with other developers, in a coordinated manner, on the same product.
Ability to mentor and provide guidance to junior members of the team.
-Strong communication skills both in written and verbal. The ability to articulate both with technical and non-technical teams is preferred.

Preferred Qualifications:

-Proficient in Python 2.x/3.x (C++ an asset).
-Experience with implementing or working directly with databases (Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB) and writing REST APIs would be beneficial.
-Craft and update documentation for tools, techniques, and workflows generated by the Pipeline department.
-Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent