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Atlanta - Atlanta Comp

08 May 2022

Atlanta - Atlanta



Seeking all levels for upcoming project hires.  All levels require skills in 2d tracking, live action integration, and artistic requirements for realism.

Demonstrate with a reel basic skills listed above and aptitude for technical and artistic work involving roto, prep, cleanup, and live action compositing integration.

Junior requirements plus demonstrated experience with keying, integrating CG renders, 3D scanline rendering in Nuke, advanced cleanup and complex tasks.  Examples of live-action compositing and prep including split comps, monitor comps, paint outs, retimes, etc.

Mid requirements plus experience with complex compositing, demonstrating mastery in most areas of Nuke and leadership experience.  Focus is on high quality live action integration of CG elements and effects.  Creating templates for others and look development.  Technical and Creative requirements to protect plate and complete notes to client satisfaction.