VFX Production Coordinator

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited Production Department

17 Apr 2022

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited

Production Department

VFX Production Coordinator

Full Time


Primary Responsibilities :

The Production Coordinator is responsible for the internal day-to-day operations of one or more shows, overseeing everything from ingest to delivery in their Show and upkeep the show progress.

- Work with Producer, Production manager, Leads and Supervisors to track and manage the workflow through the departments meeting internal and external deadlines
- Assist in bidding documentation and communicating it to producers and updating it in our internal tracking system.
- Anticipate and escalate issues to the Producer and Supervisor to resolve problems quickly on bidding.
- Set up calls with producers and the bidding lead and ensure producers get the essential facts on the bids in the evening.
- Responsible for turning awarded bids into an actionable roadmap.
- Ensure production database is kept updated daily with notes and critical information start of the day and before departing for the day.
- Under the guidance of the PM, the Coordinator schedules and tracks task progress for assigned artists or sequences on the internal tracking system.
- Ensuring tasks are assigned to the right artists in discussion with leads & PM and safeguarding that work is being approved and completed on time and to specification.
- Coordinating and monitoring multiple projects effectively.
- Communicate any schedule changes to the appropriate artists, Supervisors through PA.
- Responsible for the multiple dailies sessions each day and follow up with the PA.
- Keeps the communication flowing from Supervisor to Leads and artist.
- Organize and set up media for cinesync / client review sessions.
- In authority to set up calls with clients and the creative team to iron out challenges during progression of a show as and when appropriate.
- Oversee the execution of client deliveries of all WIP and finals with show leads
- Supervise if daily reviews are structured as per schedule and managed within allotted time
- Maintains sanity of data on our internal tracking system, ensuring project scope, task assignments, and status and completion information up to date.
- Coordinates all client deliveries, with Production support; maintains a log of all deliveries
- Ensuring effective communication and continual team updates.
- Help to maintain a positive, upbeat and professional production office, being pro-active and solution-orientated