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Hyderabad - Hyderabad Compositing Department

21 Nov 2023

Hyderabad - Hyderabad

Compositing Department


5 years



  • Experience in handling simple to complex compositing tasks including 2D tracking, Blue/Green screen extractions, Roto, and Cleanup work.
  • Good experience in Roto and Prep will be an added advantage.
  • Experience in compositing photo realistic images of high-quality and skills to composite 2D/3D elements with the input.


  • 5 years of experience in VFX production in a similar position.
  • Good working knowledge of Nuke software.
  • Developed artistic skills and a good eye, and good knowledge color, light (reflection, refraction, shadows), perspective and composition.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Work ethic focused on team effort, ability to perform multiple tasks, prioritize and solve problems.

Comp Lead:

Responsibilities :

-The prime responsibility is towards the show (Efficiency, Delivery, Deadlines and Feedback)
-Has to identify training needs and skill level matrix
-Responsible for verifying time card entries
-Responsible for assigning subtasks in guidance of the Supervisor
-Interact with Production Team for schedule Management
-Assist immediate sups with getting content lined up for Dailies. Responsible of timely completion for Dailies.
-Actively engage in doing and completing complex shots
-Show leads may take the role of artist at the successful completion of their shows until they are assigned the next show."

Comp Supervisor :


-Work with the VFX Supervisor, Leads and the Head of Compositing to define the creative and technical approach for the show
-Identify areas of R&D required for the show
-Work with Production to manage the day to day running of the team
-Work with Production to evaluate artist schedules ensuring they are realistic and achievable
-Attend desk rounds with all members of the team on a regular basis
-Attend dailies sessions with the team to give feedback/approvals
-Meet with the Leads on the show on a regular basis to identify inefficiencies or technical problems with the toolset and pipeline, and put in place a plan of action to resolve such issues
-Help bid on the compositing component of shows
-Set supervision assistance, as necessary
-Define and split comp work into sequences
-Define the number of compositors needed to work on each project and pick the number of leads to assist
-Develop the look and technical setup for each sequence, this will involve
-Assign shots to appropriate compositor according to ability and sequence delineation
-iIdentify and organize creation of showreel material (breakdowns)
-Participate in Post Mortem to identify problems that occurred on show and offer solutions