Python Developer/Generalist TD

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited Software Development

10 Oct 2021

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited

Software Development


Python Developer:

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • As a Python Developer you will spend your day supporting the studio’s Pipeline department.
  • You will work in conjunction with the Department TDs and creative team to ensure software solutions are created and maintained for our high-end TV and feature film projects.
  • Develop, maintain and support custom Python Libraries, under the direction of the Pipeline Supervisor and Departments Heads.
  • Work in conjunction with TDs (Technical Directors) and Technical Artists to come up with Software solutions for day to day tasks.
  • Maintain, Refactor and Improve Existing code to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Develop new tools to support individual shot production and general workflow.


  • 3+ Years of experience in Python software development.
  • Strong knowledge of Python, PySide/PyQt.
  • Extensive knowledge of how web semantics translate into a REST API.
  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming and experience applying modern design patterns.
  • Experience with Git and Databases (MySQL), Confluence and JIRA.
  • TDD Unit testing experience.
  • Familiar with CI/CD Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a Technical Animation Degree.
  • Competency with Win/Linux operating system and developing on this platform.
  • Collaborative with excellent communication skills.
  • A problem solver at heart with the ability to quickly learn and use various APIs..
  • Highly committed and able to work independently and as a team.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with some or all of the following.
    • VFX tools: Nuke/Maya/Shotgun API development
    • Render management software : Deadline
    • Understanding of color workflow in VFX.
  • Experience in a VFX facility (artist-floor experience a bonus).
  • Knowledge of key VFX technologies like OTIO, OCIO etc.
  • Expertise working with data structures and algorithms.

Generalist TD:

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide technical advice and support for artists.
  • Create global and show-based scripts and tools inside DCC packages such as Maya, Houdini, or Nuke.
  • working directly with artists to investigate and address urgent issues related to custom pipeline tools.
  • helping to engineer solutions (tools and workflow) for pipeline enhancements and fixes.
  • Collaborate with pipeline team, software developers, CG Supervisors, and artists to improve and refine overall workflow and determine the best solutions to problems.
  • Troubleshoot to implement solutions with Department Supervisors
  • Aids in the development and maintenance of applications and creative pipeline tools and techniques to improve productivity
  • Provides weekly updates on Pipeline development status, and notifies stakeholders of any upcoming production risks
  • Ensure requests for new tools are connected with company strategy
  • Meet delivery deadlines and work proactively conforming to production needs.


  • 2+ years of experience  in VFX or CG or equivalent experience is required.
  • Solid understanding of the pipeline process of CG (modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, lighting, fx) and compositing (Nuke).
  • Expert knowledge of colorspaces, LUTS, media formats, gamma, .ccc, etc.
  • Experience in developing tools for DCC packages such as Maya, Houdini, or Nuke.
  • Complete knowledge of up-to-date Production Technology/IT methods, practices, and trends
  • Ability to collaborate and offer solutions with great problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills both in written and verbal. The ability to articulate both with technical and non-technical teams.
  • The ability to translate an artist’s perspective while designing tools with a focus on usability
  • Very strong Python knowledge and various Python libraries. Working knowledge of MEL.
  • The ability to prioritize production needs while multitasking on various development tasks varying concurrent short-term and long-term priorities.
  • Team player who is able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Proficiency in working with one or more renderers (e.g. Renderman, Mantra, Arnold, etc.), and experience with renderer-specific file formats.
  • Proactive and reactive problem solver to ensure VFX production goes smoothly.
  • Calm under pressure to stay solution-focused.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Craft and update documentation for tools, techniques, and workflows generated by the Pipeline department.
  • Previous leadership experience as a Pipeline TD.
  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent.
  • Experience with source control systems and team development.
  • Experience with C++, SQL, Shotgun, Deadline is an asset.
  • UI development using PySide / PyQt4 .