Character Rigging/Animation Generalist

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited 3D Department

15 Oct 2021

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited

3D Department


The Character Rigging/Animation Generalist is responsible for the creation of rigs for 3D characters, vehicles, props, and rigging tools. He/she is responsible for creating animation interfaces that meet technical requirements and the artistic vision of the project. This position requires a mixture of technical and creative with a desire to learn and participate in multiple areas of production.



Create advanced custom rigs for 3D characters, animals, and vehicles using Maya.

Utilize advanced techniques for skinning and deformations to maintain shape.

Competent with deformers, muscle systems, and blend shape sculpting.

Work with the Supervisor and Lead to create rigs for object track & Rotomation. 

Maintain timing and production quotas given by the coordination team and the Supervisor.

Execute the corrections requested by the Supervisor and the artists.

Communicate and seek information if necessary.

Maintain a good team dynamic.

Develop pipeline processes and tools library.

Animation & Generalist:

Skilled at realistic animation of humans, animals, creatures, props, and vehicles.

Demonstrates believable animation with sense of weight, timing, and life.

Experience in one or more areas of Maya in modelling, texturing, lighting, effects, rendering, and compositing.

Knowledge of Nuke compositing and rendering in Vray/Arnold a plus.


Interested in learning additional areas of CG and compositing.

Minimum 2-3 years of working experience rigging in Maya.

Production experience in film production or television.

Skills in facial animation would be an advantage.

Strong sense of anatomy.

Experience with scripting, such as Python, is a plus.