Compositing Supervisor

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited Compositing Department

02 Mar 2024

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited

Compositing Department


Job Description:
We are looking for  Compositing Supervisor  to join our growing studio in Chennai. Ideal candidates are able to guide jobs, have insane attention to detail and triumph in turning ordinary shots into art-directed masterpieces.
Responsibilities as a Compositing Supervisor :

  • Design and develop procedural and innovative tool sets, pipelines and techniques for the Compositors.
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets on time and at a high level of quality.
  • Offer guidance and mentoring for junior to mid level compositors.
  • Clearly communicate progress and issues.

Compositing tasks include blue/green screen pulls, 3D projection environment in Nuke, balancing and sometimes creating shadow elements, color correction, wire & rig removal, roto, dust-busting, morphs, transitions, background replacement, day-for-night, dry-for-wet and a host of other 2D issues.

  • At least 8+ years experience in compositing digital VFX for film.
  • Advanced demonstrated knowledge and production experience in Nuke.
  • Must have strong knowledge of compositing workflow and the compositing application interface.
  • Must have strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
  • Experience with complex matte extractions and motion tracking.
  • Ability to mentor coworkers.