Roto Artist (Rotoscopy)-Chennai Location

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited Roto Department

24 Jun 2022

BOT VFX (India) Private Limited

Roto Department

Roto Artist -Senior Level:

Responsibilities :

- Familiarity with both software in Rotoscopy (Silhouette & Nuke)
- Creative skills include, ability to think creatively to finish the task, task planning, innovative approach
- Technical skills include software skills, tools, scripts, optimized working
- Good in all roto techniques, manual, motion-blur, defocus, hair and fur details...etc
- 2d and 3d Tracking knowledge
- Edge-paint, VR, native stereo, keying
- Knowledge of prep would be an added advantage
- Attitude includes responses to feedbacks from leads, proactiveness, team player, helping others
- Communication includes oral and written communication, to the lead, production, understanding notes
- Experience of having worked on VFX Roto for International Projects
- Ability to rise up with training given at the studio to do complex and challenging projects on an ongoing       basis
- Good observation skills with a keen eye for top notch Quality checks
- Candidates with a minimum of 4 Year experience can apply

Roto Leads:

Responsibilities :

-The prime responsibility is towards the show (Efficiency, Delivery, Deadlines and Feedback)
-Has to identify training needs and skill level matrix
-Responsible for verifying time card entries
-Responsible for assigning subtasks in guidance of the Supervisor
-Interact with Production Team for schedule Management
-Assist immediate sups with getting content lined up for Dailies. Responsible of timely completion for Dailies.
-Actively engage in doing and completing complex shots (Billable upto 30-40%)
-Show leads may take the role of artist at the successful completion of their shows until they are assigned the next show.